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List of Home Education Evaluators in Pennsylvania

This page lists Pennsylvania home education evaluators, by area code. You can read more about the evaluator's certification and and choosing an evaluator at my evaluation page. Please think carefully about what you are looking for in an evaluator and seek out someone who is comfortable with your approach to homeschooling. Ask questions before hiring someone. I have no personal experience with any of the evaluators listed here. I list more-or-less anyone who asks to be listed, so please use the usual cautions when dealing with someone you don't know. Some of these folks are very experienced; others are new to evaluating. Evaluators are listed by area code, but some of them will do “distance” evaluations. See the end of the list for links to other evaluator lists. Remember that anyone who meets the qualifications can do evaluations (except the home education supervisor or their spouse); you may have a friend or neighbor who can provide your child's written evaluation.

I’ve started to add codes to this list: 
E = elementary (grades 1-6), S = Secondary (grades 7-12), Special Ed Pre-Approval = Can pre-approve special ed students, T = offers testing.

Evaluators by Area Code

Area Code 215/267

Laura Goldman (E, T)
"I am a PA Certified Homeschool Evaluator and Test Administrator in Philadelphia. I am a Christian homeschooling mom of four and am accepting new families to serve. I love meeting with parents and students to celebrate their accomplishments with them! My graduate work in Reading Education helps me to provide guidance for families who request it." (Added 5/03)
Laura Goldman, 215-969-0099 or email

Karen Devine (E)
”I am a Pennsylvania Certified Teacher K-6 with over ten years teaching experience. I live in the Ambler area outside of Philadelphia. I hold a certificate in Reading Recovery and was a mentor teacher for my district leading many parent, and teacher seminars in literacy instruction. 
Currently, I am a stay-at-home mother of two small children. I believe strongly in the homeschooling movement and am considering doing it myself.”
 (Added 4/05)
Karen Devine, 215-542-1024, or email

Emily Schnarr. (E,S,Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a PA certified teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary education. I am also a certified Special Education teacher with a Masters in Reading. I have been home schooling my daughter for over two years and focusing on child-directed learning. I live in the 215 area, and I also do evaluations in the Susquehanna area where my family has a cabin." (Added 6/06, updated 3/09, updated 2/11)
Emily Schnarr, 215-947-5359, 570-806-1354 (cell),,

Gerri Orlando (E, S, T)
"I have been evaluating for 17 years for the PHAA, Susquehanna and Mason Dixon programs. I come to your house if you live in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery counties. I am available to evaluate K-12. I write a detailed report." (Added 11/06, updated 3/16)
Gerri Orlando, 215-528-7090,

Cyndi (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a Pennsylvania Certified Teacher K -12 and special education. I have 12 years of teaching experience, several years of tutoring and have been home schooling my children for 5 years. I live in Levittown, in the Lower Bucks area." (Added 6/08)
Cyndi,, 215-269-8317. 

Lisa Henry (E)
"I am a Pennsylvania Certified Teacher for K-6. I have taught 5 years full-time in Private Christian Schools and substitute taught for 6 years in Central Bucks, Hatboro-Horsham and Centennial School Districts. I hold a Master of Science in Education degree from Philadelphia Biblical University. Presently I am a stay-at-home Mom of two toddlers. I also teach piano lessons through which I have taught several home-schooled students. I previously lived in France and could evaluate for French language." (Added 6/08)
Lisa Henry, 215-491-1019,

Kristine Ford (E)
"I am a PA Certified Evaluator in Lower Bucks and Philadelphia counties. My history as a former home schooled student in Pennsylvania and my current position teaching 5th grade creates a deep excitement in me for working with parents educating their children! I am a committed Christian and love to work with families who are passionate about their child's development!" (added 06/08)
Kristine Ford, 215-620-5891,

Uppatinas, a school in Chester County, does home education evaluations.

Kathy Wilson (S, T)
"I am a Certified Teacher with 34 years experience teaching in public and private schools, including 9 years homeschooling my four children. I am currently in my tenth year at a private Christian school, and my expertise is in science and math. I am certified for grade 7-12, and have been evaluating students for three years. I am also qualified for testing." (added 4/10)
Kathy Wilson,, 215-469-0773

Sanford and Theresa Holden (E,S,T)
"Sanford and Theresa have been homeschool evaluators since 1989 in the Bucks County area and both possess teacher certification in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We homeschooled our three children from Kindergarten through high school and are committed to helping current and prospective homeschoolers successfully educate their children at home by providing evaluations as well as private and group testing. Sanford works with the following high school diploma programs: PHAA, Mason-Dixon, Erie. Contact us at 215-750-1768 and be sure to visit our website - - for valuable information." (added 4/10)

Audrey Johnson (E, S Special Ed Pre-Approval, T)
"I hold a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in Special Education. I hold a B.S. with Honors from Cornell University and a M.S. from Temple University. I taught at a private special needs school for 8 years. Our three children have homeschooled through high school. Our oldest child, a son, is a 2015 Cornell University graduate. Our second child, a daughter, is a 2017 Albright College graduate. Our third child, a daughter, will graduate high school in 2018.  I am listed with Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency, Buxmont Christian Educational Institute, Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association, and Erie  County Homeschool Association. I can evaluate elementary, secondary, and special needs students. Individual testing can be arranged." (updated 11/2015, updated 3/18)
Audrey Johnson, 215-548-4333,, website:

Janet Marovich (E)
"I possess a lifetime PA teaching certificate for grades K-6. I have many years experience teaching including teacher training courses on a university level. Currently, I direct an after school homework help/activity program at the library where I have the good fortune to meet children who are home schooled and their dedicated parents. I am available to do evaluations in the Northeast/Frankford/Torresdale area of Philadelphia." (added 4/10)
Janet Marovich, 

Gloria A. Serianni, M.Ed. (E,S,Special Ed Pre-Approval,T)
"I am a PA certified and active teacher for elementary, secondary, and special education (grades Pre-K to 12) with over twenty-five years of teaching experience and a Master's of Education from Arcadia University. I have been evaluating homeschool children and young adults since 1995, including reviewing and approving special needs homeschool educational programs. I live in Quakertown, PA, in the Upper Bucks area and service Bucks, Montgomery, Berks, and Lehigh Counties. Please contact me to set up an appointment and/or answer your questions." (added 4/10)
Gloria A. Serianni, 215-538-9574,

Lisa Pearsall (E)
"I am a PA and NJ certified teacher who is looking to work with families who are homschooling their children. I am certified in Elementary Education as well as Early Childhood Education from Pennsylvania State University. I have worked in several schools, both public and private, and am now home with my beautiful girls! I also have experience in learning centers as a tutor, which I am also available to do. I am continuing my professional development and frequently attend workshops to further my education. I live in the Upper Moreland Area and I look forward to meeting with you and your child. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns." (added 9/11)
Lisa Pearsall,, (215) 657-5247

Lisa Boyle (E, S, T)
I am a PA certified educator in K-12.  I have both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education and have taught elementary, secondary and college.  I have homeschooled my children for the past 6 years.  I evaluate for the Erie, Mason-Dixon and PA Homeschoolers' Diploma programs.  I offer testing as well as distance evaluations.  Sibling discounts offered. (added 2/2014)
Lisa Boyle, cell- 267-918-9807 

Lisa Davis (Formerly Lisa Burns) (E, S)
“I am a Pennsylvania Certified Teacher in Warrington, Bucks County and have been homeschooling for 9 years. I have a passion for eclectic homeschooling and believe in letting the student’s interests drive the educational path. Every child deserves a tailored, enriched, and inspired education – one which allows them to feel empowered and hungry for a lifetime of learning. I am familiar with many out-of-the-box curricula, as well as creating self-designed courses. I love what I do! Specializing in gifted and high school consulting, I help passionate and talented homeschoolers navigate their way through the college planning process. Don’t wait until the last minute if you have a high schooler! High school planning and college admissions is a unique process for each homeschooler. It can also be overwhelming. I welcome all families! Call or email to set up a face-to-face or distance evaluation.”
(Updated 3/2018)
Lisa Davis (formerly Lisa Burns) 215-760-3722  
Visit my website at

Nadene Bickel (E, S, SPED)
"I hold an Instructional II teaching certification in PA, National Board Certification in Special Education, and Wilson Level I reading certification.  I am an educational advocate and have written positive behavior support plans as well as accommodations that have proved to be successful.  I have extensive experience with autistic support and emotional support programs, teaching all of the required academic subjects." (added 11/15)
Nadene Bickel; and 215-630-9456

Jennifer Mariano  (E, SPED)
"I am a PA certified K-6 teacher with an additional certification in Special Education K-12. I have a Bachelors in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education/Instructional Leadership with additional graduate work in Supervisor of Special Education Programming. I have been an elementary level teacher for 13 years and I am familiar with writing various types of reports. I live in the 215 area (Lower Bucks, Philadelphia). Please contact me if you are looking for an evaluator to write a detailed report!" (Added 5/2018)
Jennifer: 215-498-1655 or email:  


Area Code 412

Gloria Molek (E, S)
""Mother of two forever-home-educated autodidactic children, private-tutor, evaluator, speaker, consultant and support group leader. Able to evaluate for elementary and secondary children. Willing to travel for groups. Able to do distance evaluations. Accepting new families. Able to comfortably evaluate any learning style. Advocate of compliance with, as opposed to over-compliance of, our home education law. The following is a link to the text of my part of an article about evaluating:"
Gloria Molek, 412-922-8344,

Caranina Policiccchio (E)
”I am PA certified K-8, and am available to do evaluations in the Pittsburgh area. I have been evaluating homeschooled children for the past three years. My mother homeschools my younger siblings, providing me with a familiarity with the homeschool process.” (Added 2/03)
Caranina Policiccchio, 412-621-4954, 

Elizabeth Moody, E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval
"I am a PA certified teacher for Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education. I have experience homeschooling my own children. I live in Leechburg, on the edge of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Butler Counties.  I am able to award high school credits for both PHAA and ECHSDA." (added 4/10, updated 6/11, updated 5/2018; listed in 412 & 724 area codes)
Elizabeth Moody,

Lori Reuss -pronounced Royce (E, S)
"I am a PA certified teacher and reading specialist with more than 20 years experience in public and private schools. Most of my experience has been with elementary-aged children, but I've also taught junior and senior high, as well as tutored at Community College of Allegheny County. I have been an evaluator for the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers' Accreditation Agency for the past 13 years (or maybe 14...lost count), and I LOVE it. I recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master's Degree in education, and my thesis was on homeschooling. I am comfortable with children of all ages and ability levels. Two documents which I prepared and like to email to new families are "Fees for Evaluations" and "What to Expect on Evaluation Day." These documents will give you a sense of my personal philosophy on evaluating and how I go about things. I reside in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, and I like to do evaluations in my home. I am willing to travel, however, under certain circumstances, including for families with young children. I do have a dog and 2 cats, so if you or your child is allergic we might want to make other arrangements. You can phone me if you like, but email is typically more efficient, at least to begin with."
Lori Reuss, 412-486-8955

Area Code 484

Sharon Bersheim (E, Special Ed Pre-Approval, T)
"I am a Pennsylvania teacher, certified in both Elementary and Special Education (M. Ed. in Special Ed), and have nearly completed a Masters in Reading. I have been teaching for the past 12 years. While I am new to doing home school evaluations, I have a great deal of experience tutoring general academic skills, as well as using the Wilson program, in families’ homes. My background in Special Education, primarily working in a Learning Support Program, provided me with a great deal of experience in administering individual testing to determine reading levels, etc. and develop appropriate courses of study to work with students at their specific instructional levels. I am excited to begin working with families who have chosen homeschooling and learn more about what you are doing in your homes, while at the same time, offering you the knowledge and experience that I have! I live in the King of Prussia area." (added 9/11)
Sharon Bersheim,, 484-213-6828

Timothy Anger (S)
“I have been helping parents in the Lehigh Valley area prepare their teens for graduation and college for over twenty-five years. I can help students with the new Act 196 parent-issued diplomas, and I also work with the PHAA, Mason-Dixon, Susquehanna, and BuxMont Diploma Accreditation programs.  I meet with the student and parents at my office in Emmaus at the end of the school year for the annual evaluation interview, and welcome emails or phonecalls from the families I work with throughout the year as questions arise. Many parents find it helpful for their son to have a man as evaluator! (And don’t let that last name scare you!) I prepare thorough and professional narrative reports that are well respected by all the school districts who have received them. My wife and I have homeschooled all of our children for part or all of their K-12 schooling, and I have over 25 years experience teaching math and science in the Christian School setting. I would welcome the opportunity to serve as part of your educational team!” (Added 11/14)
Timothy Anger, M.S.,, 484-519-0109,

Area Code 570

Kelly Denlea (S)
"My name is Kelly Denlea and I am a certified secondary education
English teacher. I am a PA certified teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary education. I am currently working in the Wilkes Barre Area School District on the secondary level. I have no children of my own, but enjoy working with and have a great respect for families who home school. I would be willing to meet at a variety of places within Luzerne and Monroe counties, as well as doing long distance evaluations by phone."
(Updated 05/08.)
Kelly Denlea, (570) 236-7309

Emily Schnarr. (E,S,Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a PA certified teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary grades which allows me to evaluate K-12. I have been supporting homeschool families in the evaluation process for over seven years and it has been a pleasure to meet so many diverse families. As an evaluator, I see my role as a support and advocate for the family, not their judge. I support all learning methods from School at home to Unschooling, as no one way could possibly fit all families. Part of my role is to help families navigate the homeschool law and comply, without over complying. It is my goal to take the stress out of the evaluation process. I am available to do in-person evaluations but also provide distance evaluations for families who cannot meet with me in person.
These are conducted by mail/e-mail and telephone.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation at my office in Montgomery County or by distance. is my website if you would like more information.

(Added 6/06, updated 3/09, updated 2/11, updated 6/13)
Emily Schnarr, 215-947-5359, and

Karen Broadhurst (E, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a PA certified educator for both elementary (K-6) and special education (grades K-12). I have a B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education, Mentally and Physically Handicapped. I am currently working towards my master’s degree in teaching and curriculum. I have four years of experience in fulltime classroom teaching, private tutoring, and 8 years as a substitute and homeschool parent. For the past 10 years, I have been providing homeschooling families with evaluations (both special and general educational needs).  I meet with families in Orwigsburg at Kimmels Church in Schuylkill County. Feel free to contact me with any questions. (added 4/10, updated 3/18)
Karen Broadhurst, Orwigsburg, PA,

Susan Young (E, S)
"Hello! My name is Susan Young and I reside in East Stroudsburg in Monroe County, Pennsylvania! I have been a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Certified Teacher since 1981 with a B.S. and Instructional I (K–6) in Elementary Education. I have 15 years teaching experience in 2 private schools, both at the Elementary (all subjects) and Secondary grade levels (in Science, Math, Bible and Drama), including 8 years homeschooling 4 of my 5 children! I have owned/operated daycares and co.op’s (both in California and Pennsylvania), and have tutored at various grade levels (K-12) in the past. I work heavily with youth groups in local ministries, encouraging young people in art, music, dance and drama! I am presently on the substitute teacher list in the East Stroudsburg Area School District and as of 2018 am tutoring my last child through eleventh and (come September) twelfth grade! I usually meet with families at local churches or libraries for evaluations. Please e-mail me to set up appointment times as soon as possible! June is just around the corner!"
(updated 6/11, 11/15, 5/18)
Susan Young, 570.688.7462, OR

Marsha Hubler (E, S, T)
"I am a homeschool evaluator and tester for the last 20 years and an author of 13 books including YOU'VE DECIDED TO HOMESCHOOL, NOW WHAT? I have a master's degree in education and vast experience with children at all grade levels. A PA certified teacher, I've taught in public school, private school, and at an alternative center for conduct disordered youths. I'm certified to grant high school credit with three different diploma programs: the Pennsylvania Homeschool Accreditation Association, the Erie County Homeschool Association, and the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program. I administer the survey (short) edition of the California Achievement Tests on all grade levels from first to twelfth at the parent's request or by state mandate." (added 3/11)
Marsha Hubler, Middleburg, 570-837-0002,,

Marci Howell (S, T, E with superintendent consent)
"I am a PA certified secondary mathematics teacher. I have 20 years experience, including homeschooling and online teaching. I am also a private tutor for math, writing, and SAT Prep. I administer Stanford or California Achievement Tests, usually in a small group. I enjoy helping families with high school students to meet state requirements, while also encouraging their child's gifts and strengths. I do a lot of research on curriculum options, and try to help parents weed through all the options if they're uncertain about high school courses. I meet with families in southern Schuylkill County, at my home or church, and am willing to travel to nearby areas."
Marci Howell, home 570-754-4182, cell 570-640-9992,

Amy Reese (E, S, T)
"I am a PA certified teacher with experience in elementary and secondary education. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education from Millersville University and received my Master’s degree in education from Penn State University in May, 2010. I homeschool my own three children. I look forward to evaluating homeschool students and assisting families to success in their homeschool journey." (added 9/11)
Amy Reese,, home: 570-708-2980, cell: 570-956-8416

Erin Geiswhite (E,S)
"I am a Pennsylvania Certified Teacher K-6 with five years of teaching experience. I live in Northumberland County and conduct evaluations in the conference room of the Degenstein Library located in Sunbury. I have an undergraduate degree in elementary education with a concentration in math. I have my master’s degree in reading, and I am a certified reading specialist K-12. I also work as a tutor for high school mathematics. I have been evaluating homeschoolers’ portfolios for five years, and I am certified to evaluate for the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program. I love meeting with students and parents to assist in demonstrating their achievements through the evaluation process. I have three children of my own and started my own homeschooling journey in the fall of 2017! I look forward to serving you as your evaluator!" (added 9/11, updated 3/18)
Erin Geiswhite,, (570) 850-9475

Lisa Bonocore (E, T)
"Hello! I am a K-6 Certified Elementary Teacher (Certified in PA, NJ, NY) living in Pike County.  I have many years of teaching experience in public, private, and homeschooling settings.  I have my Master's in Elementary Education with a Children's Literature Speciality and a Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology.  I am currently a homeschooling mom of three children and firmly believe in homeschooling.   I know one size does not fit all and am open to all styles of homeschooling.  I am available to do in person evaluations in the following counties: Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna, and in Northern Monroe (Cresco, Canadensis, Mt. Pocono, Tobyhanna,  E. Stroudsburg areas.).  I offer testing as well as multiple child discounts and do distant evaluations via email/ fax/ phone interview, too.  Please feel free to call or email me with your questions." (Added 3/14)
Lisa Bonocore, cell (570)290-3575,

Margaret Weaver (E, S, T)
“I am currently evaluating Elementary and Secondary students in Bradford, Northumberland, Lampeter-Strasburg, Luzerne, and Lycoming County school districts. I hold a B. S. in Education from Lock Haven University and have been tutoring individuals in a number of subjects areas for the past 19 years and have been working with homeschoolers for the past ten years as a teacher, consultant, and course of study coordinator. I am also a homeschool mom. I am an approved evaluator for the following diploma programs: Erie County Diploma Home School Association, Lancaster Center for Classical Studies, PHAA, and MDHSA.”
(added 11/15)
Margaret A Weaver,, 570-772-9552

Patti Stoudt, E, S, T, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am certified Pre-K-12. I have been doing evaluations since 1996. I am credentialed with PHAA and SVHDP to issue high school credits for their diplomas. My B.S. is Early Childhood, M.S. is Education of the Deaf/HH, and Ed.D. is in Teaching and Learning. My dissertation focused on homeschooling children with special needs specifically under the PA law. I homeschooled my own children from Kindergarten to graduation for 20 years." (added 11/15)
Patti Stoudt,,,
I am in the 570 area code but prefer to use this number for texting or calls: 352-872-7622

Dr. David Knauss (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
“I have a PA Teacher Certification K-12 in Music Education from West Chester University, a Master of Education from Mansfield University, a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education from Penn State University, a Doctor of Humane Letters from The Wesley Synod International from Canterbury, UK, and North American Conference, Toledo, OH, and a Certification of Supervision I from Mansfield University. I have 28 years experience in public school in different combinations of grades K-12, and 12 years experience teaching university undergraduates and master’s degrees.  I am a master curriculum writer with seven published music curriculum methods books for preschool through university undergraduate ( The learning sequences in music education are much the same, if not identical, to learning sequences in other core subjects. I have taught every category of Special Education except Visually Challenged. After having been a professional in secular public schools for almost 3 decades almost 3 decades and a collegiate professor for another decade, I have a great admiration for how home, private, charter, and cyber schools are educating children to excel beyond the norm. I am available for evaluations as well as mentoring and tutoring." (Updated 5/2018)
Dr. David E. Knauss, 570-404-0055,

Abby Banks (E, S)
"I am a PA certified teacher with a degree in Social Studies Education (7-12) and graduate level work in Secondary Education.  My public school classroom teaching experience was at the middle school level.  I currently homeschool my five kids.  I am able to evaluate for the elementary or secondary levels.  I live in Wayne County and can meet locally or am able to do long-distance evaluations through phone interview, skype, or fax.  I offer multiple child discounts.  Please feel free to contact me." (added 3/18)
Abby Banks,,

Area Code 610

Renee R. Morris (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval, T)
"I am a former Special Ed. Teacher (10 yrs). and homeschool evaluator (K-12) living in Brookhaven, PA. I have been homeschooling for almost 19 yrs. and evaluating for 18, and tutoring for 3. I am an evaluator for several diploma agencies including PHAA, Mason-Dixon, Erie Co. and Susquehanna Co., a Notary Public, and can administer standardized tests, including the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, CAT5, and IOWA Test of Basic Skills. I also do curriculum planning and can approve a special needs homeschool program." (updated 4/10)
Renee R. Morris, Phone: 610-876-5013, Fax: 610-876-5749

Gabrielle Contino (E)
"For 27+ years I have evaluated students in the Delaware Valley and along the way have met many wonderful families and seen every kind of portfolio. All 4 of our  children  were home educated  through 12th grade and are now young adults.   I have a BA and MS in Elementary Education and taught in the classroom for 17 years including  teaching abroad and in the ESL classroom. In the home school community I have taught small classes:  writing, literature and personal finance.  In addition, I have  an MA in counseling..  My certification is through 8th grade. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my style of evaluating and/or fees. References provided upon request. Have a great year.The one on one teaching style of home schooling is definitely the best!" (Updated 02/08, 6/11, 6/17)
Gabrielle Contino,, Prospect Park, PA, 610-586-9497

Sharlene Goldfischer (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a PA permanently certified educator for both elementary and special education (K-12) with a B.A. in Psychology/Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Special Education. I have over thirty-five years of experience in the field of education, including classroom teaching (preschool,elementary and secondary levels), special education consulting for the Iowa State Department of Education (which included program development, classroom demonstration teaching, teacher training, working directly with school districts to advocate programming for students and direct work with parents) and private tutoring. Our family began our homeschooling journey in early 2000. I have been a support teacher for grades K-4 for the Oak Meadow curriculum, providing guidance to families and students who have chosen that path. I am also registered with the PA Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency to evaluate for that program and will be approved to evaluate for both the Erie County and Mason-Dixon high school diploma programs for the 2012-2013 academic year. I have been meeting with families for non special needs and special needs evaluations since 2000, as well as providing program approvals for identified special needs students. I also meet with parents to offer support and homeschool program guidance outside of the evaluation process, including high school level program planning. I usually meet with families in my home in Havertown, but I do travel on occasion (i.e. if it is not possible or beneficial for a student to leave their home environment, etc.). I am open to and familiar with many different styles of home education and I view our time together as a celebration of the joy of human learning and endeavor. Feel free to contact me with any questions." (Added 3/04, updated 08/12.)
Sharlene Goldfischer, Havertown, PA, 610-789-8156;

Leslie Stack (E, T)
"I am a certified teacher, K-8, and a homeschooling mother in the Broomall area. I encourage a wide variety of homeschooling approaches from unschooling to a prepackaged curriculum. I believe whatever works for the child and the family is best. I have been evaluating for fourteen years. I am also able to assist in standardized testing. If I can be of assistance to anyone, please let me know." (Added 5/04, Updated 11/14)
Leslie Stack: 610-356-2531,

Patti Achee (E, S)
"I am approved to evaluate both elementary and secondary grades, as well as the PHAA, Erie County, Buxmont Christian Educational Institute Susquehanna, and Mason-Dixon high school diploma programs. I direct HIS Academy in Chester County, and I am an SAT essay reader. As an evaluator, I see this end of year appointment as a time to celebrate your student’s accomplishment. With 12 years of homeschooling experience and 10 years teaching various classes to groups of homeschooled students, I offer support, encouragement, and advice as parents request that help. As an additional service, I also offer curriculum planning for new and seasoned homeschooling families. For students in the upper grades, I offer high school transcript planning, advice on completing some college work during the high school years, optimal timing of high school standardized testing and college admission liaison services. I love to help students make the most out of their academic endeavors and extra curricular activities. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation. Evaluations are primarily held in Chester Springs, which is about 10 minutes outside of Exton. I service Chester County, Delaware County, and a few miscellaneous school districts in surrounding areas (Twin Valley, Owen J. Roberts, KOP, etc)." (added 2/07)
Patti Achee,, 610-827-7149, Chester County

Lisa Hays (E, S)
"First and foremost, I am a mom to 11 little ones and in the process of adopting a sibling group. Yes you heard that right. I love children. I have been lovingly home educating since 2001. I have been through it all as a school at homer, Cyber Schooler, eclectic and now an unschooler by heart. I am a certified teacher for K-8 and have mountains experience teaching all ages. I have been evaluating elementary through high school for over 10 years. I have worked with children of all ages, gender and nationalities and children are my passion! I truly believe that children and people grow daily, it is part of our nature. I began evaluating in 2006. I am also happy to do consulting and support of burnt out moms (I have been there!). I am opposed to over-compliance and I am happy to help you learn the laws. I will travel for groups, do distance or in-person evaluations. I would be happy to work out whatever system will make your child most comfortable with the process." (added 5/07, updated 3/13, 1/17)
Lisa Hays, 610-588-5719, Bangor, Pa. 18013

Roland "Jake" Jacobus (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am a PA Certified Teacher employed by Catasauqua Area SD in learning support. I have been doing evaluations for 5 years, and my wife and I have home-schooled our 6 children for over 21 years. I enjoy meeting with parents and their children at evaluation time, and would look forward to meeting with you. In addition to a rewarding and encouraging interview for both you and your child, you will receive from me a professional and well-written narrative regarding your child's accomplishments throughout the school year. I normally travel to your home, but will perform interviews at our home when convenient. I am willing to travel distances, but do charge for extended travel time to offset fuel costs. I charge $45 for your first child and $35 for each additional child. Short forms are also available for a flat $30. Tutoring available." (added 3/09)
Contact: Roland (Jake) Jacobus, (610) 264-4955,

Carol Madagan (E) 
I am a PA certified teacher in K-8 with 5 previous years of teaching experience in the Coatesville Area School District. I hold a BA in Communication and a MEd in Elementary Education. I am currently a homeschooling mother of 7 children.  I have been homeschooling for 13 years and evaluating homeschoolers for 16 years.  I am happy to assist you with an evaluation or any questions you may have about homeschooling in PA.  I have a relaxed attitude and accept all kinds of homeschooling families including unschoolers. My personal homeschooling style is pretty eclectic.  As an evaluator, I feel it is my role to support the program you have chosen and your child’s accomplishments.  I live in Coatesville in Chester County.  I usually do evaluations in my home, but have also done distance evaluations through skype.  I charge $30 for an evaluation. Please feel free to contact me with questions." (added 7/09, updated 11/15)
Carol Madagan 610-383-4832 or 610-563-5158 (cell)

Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo Ed.D.
"I evaluate both elementary and secondary grades, counsel on all aspects of homeschooling, provide transcripts and letters of recommendation, curriculum design, private study in humanities subjects (literature, advanced placement, writing, reading, history, social sciences) through hybrid or distance learning, and traditional face to face or distance evaluations." (added 4/10)
Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo Ed.D. 610-349-1573

Laurie Diggins (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
“I am a PA Certified teacher for K-12 in Chester County. I have taught 32 years, having experience in every grade level. I am certified through the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program. I have mentored and evaluated student teachers from West Chester University. As a classroom teacher I have created curriculum and evaluated needs based upon student interest. As a private tutor, I have encouraged families in the strengths that make each child unique. I have been evaluating homeschoolers for 14 years. As an evaluator, I support the program you have chosen to showcase your child's accomplishments. I live in West Chester, Chester County. Most often I do evaluations in my home. In special circumstances, short term travel may also be possible. If you have questions, please contact me." (added 2/11)
Laurie Diggins, 610-524-5713

Dennis W. Kays (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"Are you looking for an experienced evaluator and consultant who is “homeschool friendly,” “family friendly,” and professional? If so, look no further. Evaluations take place in my home or, if you prefer, in your home or a neutral setting such as a library. I encourage an informal, relaxed atmosphere that facilitates the celebration of the student’s academic achievements, volunteer/service learning projects, internships, or entrepreneurial ventures. The following represents a brief overview of my professional background and experience:B.S.Ed. and M. Ed. from West Chester University, Nationally Certified School Counselor, PHAA approved evaluator (accepts credits for the PHAA diploma program),Over 15 years experience serving Pennsylvania families (first through 12th grade)as an evaluator and consultant. Almost 30 years of full time educational experience as a teacher, and counselor.This year I am accepting new families. References are available upon request. Services offered include homeschool evaluations, pre-approvals for special education programs, program and curriculum consultations, and college recommendation letters." (Added 3/11)
Dennis Kays M.Ed. NCC NCSC. 610-789-7750 (h) Havertown,

Jill Swatton (E, T)
"Currently, I feel very blessed to be home schooling my three children. We have been home schooling for eight years now, and have enjoyed every minute of it! My desire is to support families who have chosen this same path with evaluations and testing services. Other than the eight years of homeschooling my own children, my experience includes eight years of teaching in public school, two years of working with autistic children, two years of leading teenagers in our church youth group, and many hours teaching home school students in reading, writing, science, and history. I am familiar with the various teaching methods that families choose and hope to provide services to support their decisions. Please note: I am available for the Chester County area as well as the Lancaster Area." (Added 3/11)
Jill Swatton,, 610-873-7823

Vanessa Royce (S)
"I am a PA certified secondary English teacher with experience in both elementary and secondary education. I now have openings for evaluating your high school curriculum and portfolios! I am located within easy driving distance for both Montgomery and Berks county families. I am also currently working at a cyber school, facilitating curriculum for our homeschool families, which has been an incredible teaching experience. I have two boys of my own, and look forward to pursuing a homeschool education for them both. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to ensure your child’s success!" (added 6/11)
Vanessa Royce, 610-587-3782,

Tierra Jones (E)
"I am a PA Certified Teacher (K-6). I currently teach first grade and have 5 years of experience in a public school. In addition to evaluating, I am available for tutoring children with reading difficulties. I hold a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Literacy and am passionate about helping struggling readers become confident readers. Located in Allentown, serving families in the Lehigh Valley. My home, your home, local library or phone/internet (distance) evaluations available."
Please email a detailed request

Amy Entrekin (E, S)
"I am PA certified to teach elementary and secondary. I have over 25 years experience teaching. I live in Northern Chester County outside of Pottstown. I am homeschooling my two children in an interest driven, non-coercive setting. I can travel to your house or you can come to mine. Let me know if I can help." (added 9/11, updated 5/2018)
Amy Entrekin,, 610-469-8678

Dawn Gross (E, S, T)
"Hello, I am a PA certified teacher with over 14 years of teaching experience in the public and private sectors and am now currently homeschooling my own children and directing a homeschooling community. My qualifications include being able to evaluate both elementary and secondary and can administer standardized testing for Stanford 10, CAT, and Iowa Test of Basic Skills. As an evaluator for the PHAA diploma agency, I help families maintain a high standard of education. I am enjoying meeting different families and their approaches to education and appreciate the uniqueness that homeschooling allows us. I would love to assist your family in your educational needs and fulfilling your PA requirements." (added 11/15)
Dawn Gross, 610-357-2343,

Rebecca Peirce (E)
"I am certified K-8 in PA, and taught in the public elementary school classroom for 12 years, in Marple Newtown, PA.  I live in Lansdowne, PA. I have homeschooled my son for the past 3 years and am loving it!  I would love to see all the work your child has accomplished and encourage him or her in the progress they have made this year!"
(Added 5/2018)
Rebecca Peirce; ; 610-259-1478



Area Code 717

Kim Travis (E, S, needs prior approval)
”I evaluate both elementary and secondary students and for the Mason Dixon Diploma program. I am an evaluator with "other qualifications". I have a BS with a concentration in Secondary education. I am a home school parent of 6 children from K-12, including one special needs child. I am familiar with most teaching styles, unschooling, Charlotte Mason, unit approaches etc. I do need prior approval but am already approved in many school districts. I am in the Chambersburg area, but do travel to the Hanover and Huntingdon areas.” (Added 2/03)
Kim Travis, or call 717-375-2662

Nancy Meyer (E)
"I have completed homeschool evaluations for families since 1989. My PA teaching certificate is permanent, active, and includes kindergarten through 8th grades. I also hold a Masters in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg University and a BS in Bible from Lancaster Bible College, and I am an approved provider of educational and biblical courses for Christian school teachers through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). Having taught full time in both Christian and public schools since 1984, I still substitute in my local public school district a few days each year to keep attuned to current educational issues and mandates. I am also experienced as a homeschool mom--I taught our daughter's pre-K and 8th grade school years. My full-time ministry involves speaking, writing and singing (find out more at Each year I evaluate during the months of April, May, and June at my home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania." (added 6/06)
Nancy Sebastian Meyer, (717-392-2978),

Anne Morgan (S)
"I am a PA Certified teacher with experience in middle school and high school education. My certification is in Biology, General Science, and K-12 Environmental Education. I am a Christian mom with 4 years of teaching experience and a tutoring experience in various subjects K-12. I live in northern Lancaster County, but am willing to travel to Lebanon or York counties." (Added 06/08)
Anne Morgan,

Barbara Morrison (E,S)
"I am a former homeschool mom and have enjoyed completing homeschool evaluations for 17 years. I have experience in both elementary and secondary evaluations and have worked with the Mason-Dixon and Susquehanna Valley Diploma programs. I hold a PA teaching certificate and have tutored and taught all grades from kindergarten through 11th grade. I also hold a Masters in Elementary Education from Millersville University and a BS in Elementary Education from The Kings College (NY). Presently, I am teaching English (ESL) in private schools on the high school level and am certified with the National Institute of Learning Development(NILD) as an Educational Therapist to work with students who have learning disabilities. I am also able to assist your student using various standardized tests if needed. Though most families come to my home in Lancaster for evaluations, I currently travel to several home-schools for evaluations. I would love to help you as well." (added 3/09, updated 4/11, 4/13, 3/18)
Barbara Morrison,, 717-397-1722 (home) or 717-740-1282 (cell)

Jayne Cable (E,S)
"My name is Jayne Cable. My residence is in the West York area of York. I am a Pennsylvania and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) certified teacher. My teaching experience of thirty years was in the Christian School setting. Twenty-eight of those years was at Christian School of York instructing elementary, resource, enrichment, and middle school. I have been an evaluator of homeschoolers since 1994." (added 3/09)
Jayne Cable, 717-845-6720, cell 717-858-4671, or email

Nanette Blank (E,S,T)
"I provide evaluations for all levels, testing, and classes. I hold current PA certification in secondary math and biology, private elementary, and specialist in educational technology. I earned a MS in Educations at Drexel University and BS in Biology Education from Millersville University. I have an eclectic teaching experience." (added 4/09)
Nanette Blank, 717-653-6931 or email

Kathryn Walker (S)
"I have a B.A. in English and Classics from Hillsdale College, an M.Ed from Eastern University, and current PA Teaching Certification in Secondary English. I taught English for three years at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA, and recently moved to Lancaster, where my husband teaches Classics at Veritas Academy. I was homeschooled during my own middle school years and currently work preparing and evaluating schools for accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools, so I am open to and familiar with a wide variety of subjects and academic approaches." (added 5/09)
Kathryn Walker,, 267-980-7287

Mary Beth Schachte (E,T)
"I am a Pennsylvania certified teacher K-6, who specialized in early childhood and literacy. I have three years teaching experience at the elementary level, ten years experience running and teaching in a local daycare center, and have also been a private tutor. Presently, I am homeschooling my five children while providing evaluations, testing and tutoring services to local homeschoolers." (added 4/10)
Mary Beth Schachte, (717)554 1564 (cell),

Holly Fesler (E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"My name is Holly Fesler (Wellsville, Pennsylvania, 17365). I am a dually certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania in the areas of special education (K-12) and elementary education (K-6). My bachelor's degree is from Millersville University and I am currently enrolled in a Master's program at Penn State Harrisburg. I am currently a public school teacher in Cumberland County and I coach high school field hockey. I schedule appointments for evenings and weekends. If you select me as your evaluator, I look forward to meeting your student(s) and parents." (added 4/10)
Holly Fesler, (best way to initially contact me), 717-586-4962 (cell phone number, please call before 8:00 PM)

Laurie Stotz (S, E, Special Ed Pre-Approval.)
"I currently work as a 9th grade English teacher for a Harrisburg school district and live in Palmyra, PA. In 1996 I began my career in special education as an Emotional Support Teacher, I later wrote and taught in an alternative educational program designed for girls, I have worked as a Learning Support Teacher in all core content areas at the high school level and I value individualized instruction. Having taught courses from English to Affective Education, I am Pennsylvania Certified in Special Education K-12 and English 9-12. I am currently the Freshman Academy Twilight School Coordinator (an after school tutoring program for 9th grade students) and Freshman Class Advisor. I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and I continue to take classes to enhance my teaching. Other past experience includes training people with disabilities to work in the community and church nursery coordinator. I have been praised for my parent communication skills and as a parent, I truly believe that parents have the greastest insights into their children's needs. Please feel free to contact me to set up an evaluation." (added 4/10)
Laurie Stotz,, (cell) 717-756-7676

Stephanie Fonticoba (E,T)
"I am first, and foremost, a homeschooling mother with 10 children. I have a permanent, active, PA teaching certificate along with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  I am qualified to evaluate students at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Previous to raising a family, I taught in the public school system for five years. I have been providing homeschool evaluations since 1999. I am familiar with many different homeschooling approaches, from unschooling, to Charlotte Mason, to prepackaged curriculums, and I encourage families to use whatever works best for their individual needs and preferences. I live in York County, but am willing to travel for group evaluations. Typical cost is $35 for one evaluation, and $30 for each additional child. Please call or e-mail me with any questions, or to set up an evaluation. Thank you!" (added 9/11, updated 3/18)
Stephanie Fonticoba, (717) 292-1716,

Robert P. Straughan (E, S, Needs Prior Approval)
"I evaluate secondary students and for the Mason Dixon Diploma program. I have over 25 years experience teaching in Christian schools, and I have a Master of Education from Salisbury University. I do need prior approval, but I am already approved in the Shippensburg Area, Tuscarora, Carlisle Area, and Big Springs School Districts. I live in the Shippensburg’s area, but I am also willing to travel elsewhere. If you have any questions please contact me." (added 5/10)
Robert P. Straughan, 717-532-3307,

Shelly Persing (E,T)
"I am a certified elementary teacher who also homeschooled my own children. I am also able to do testing. I truly believe in the value of a homeschool education and went back to school for my teaching certificate so that I could be of service to homeschool families." (added 2/11)
My phone number is 717-244-1248 and my email is

Amanda Copulos (E)
"I am certified as "Highly Qualified" in Private school- Nursery- Kindergarten as well as Elementary Education (K-6). I have taught in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. I am a Christian mom who strongly supports homeschooling. I just finished up my third year of teaching first grade (10th year of teaching). I am willing to evaluate in your home or in mine or even meet in a public space (library, park, restaurant). I live in the Harrisburg/ Hershey area and would be willing to travel to do evaluations. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions- I can't wait to share the joy of learning with your family!  My goal is to make evaluations as quick and painless as possible and to partner with you to help you if there is an area of need." (added 2/11, updated 3/18)
Amanda Copulos,, 717-652-1766

Lisa Buckwalter M.Ed. (Special Ed Pre-Approval, T)
(I have also done E and S but my credentials don’t support that.)

"Educational Therapist / Private tutor based near Lancaster City and focused on managing and overcoming learning challenges. Will administer the Peabody Individual Achievement Test which is a standardized measure acceptable in PA. Qualified to review objectives for identified special education students k-12. Will informally evaluate unidentified students who experience frustration in their learning experience and provide intervention suggestions and consultation for parents. Have been teaching and consulting since 1982. Approved to evaluate for the Mason-Dixon Home School Diploma and the Susquehanna Home School Diploma." (added 9/13)
Lisa Buckwalter, 717-393-1612,

Elizabeth Ferry (E, S)
"I am a certified K-12 teacher in French with 5 years experience in public and private schools.  As a Christian homeschooling mom of 3 children, I firmly believe in home education.  Other experiences I've had with children have been as a camp counselor, college tutor, and Sunday school teacher.  Graduate work in teaching strategies/instruction and in French are also part of my experiences.  For evaluations, I am understanding that families choose different curriculum in order to fulfill the PA law, and that one "exact" size doesn't fit everyone.  I am available for different diploma programs, and have read the diploma guides for the Mason Dixon Diploma Program, the PA Home Schoolers' Diploma Program, and the Erie Diploma Program.  Sibling discounts are offered. Both short form or detailed evaluations are available.  I do evaluations in Cumberland County and the surrounding counties, but also do distance evaluations via phone. Please call or email to schedule an appointment, or with any questions." (added 11/15)
Elizabeth Ferry, 717-776-3783,


Area Code 724

Tara Pienkosky (E, S, needs approval)
"Homeschooling mom of two for fifteen years. I do not meet the qualifications, so am available with approval from the superintendent. I am currently approved for Rochester School district and am willing to seek approval from any district. Supportive of ALL educational styles!" (added 6/08, updated 3/09)
Tara Pienkosky, 724-312-8102,

Christopher J. Smith (E, Special Ed Pre-Approval)
"I am PA certified in elementary education (K-6), special education (K-12) and special education supervision. I have over 30 years of experience with nineteen years of classroom experience, K-12. I retired as a Special Education Supervisor with the Sharpsville Area School District. Prior to that, I was a teacher of Learning Support, Life Skills Support, Emotional Support and Autistic Support programs in the Sharon City School District.  I am very receptive to both highly structured and eclectic non-traditional programming.  (Added 06/08, updated 9/11, updated 11/14)
Christopher J. Smith, M.Ed., 724-699-4996 or email

Patty Waltermyer (E,S,T)
"I am no longer doing evaluations." (updated 6/12)
Patty Waltermyer,

Rhonda Paglia
"I recently retired from the Hermitage School District, Mercer County, PA with 26 years of classroom teaching experience. I was an elementary teacher for 18 years and served as Hickory High School’s Gifted Support teacher for 8 years. As an elementary teacher, I taught all subjects including preparation work for the PSSA tests. As gifted support teacher, I worked with the students, parents, and school staff to provide for and implement acceleration, class compacting, course modification, and provided enrichment opportunities to meet each gifted student’s individual educational needs and to meet PA state guidelines. Currently, in addition to doing home school evaluations, I am offer tutoring services in all subject areas, K to 6." (added 07/09, updated 4/10)
Rhonda Paglia, 724-342-0793,

Patty Tinkey (E, S)
"I am no longer taking on new families." (updated 4/2013)
Patty Tinkey, email

Jennifer Ledford (E) (S with pre-approval)
I have been doing homeschool evaluations for over ten years. I taught for several years in private Christian schools and I have homeschooled 3 daughters. My degree, and Michigan teaching certificate, is in Elementary Education. I am able to do elementary and secondary evaluations with pre-approval and am approved in many local districts. I enjoy serving local families in this unique way. (added 2/05, updated 4/10, 3/18)
Jennifer Ledford, 724-473-5230,

Amy Earnest - E
"Homeschooling mom with PA Teaching Certificate. I have worked in various educational settings including Christian Schools and tutoring. Passionate about helping homeschooling families succeed and available for consulting. Southwestern PA - distance or local evaluations." (added 4/10)
Amy Earnest, 724-833-8645,

Claire Osborne (E,S)
"I am a PA certified teacher K-12 in the Kittanning area.  I have an education degree from Grove City College.  I have homeschooled for 5 years and teach private piano and vocal lessons.  I provide a detailed evaluation report.  I would love to meet you and encourage you on this adventure."  (added 11/15)
Claire Osborne, 724-543-4980,

Elizabeth Moody, E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval
"I am a PA certified teacher for Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education. I have experience homeschooling my own children. I live in Leechburg, on the edge of Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Butler Counties.  I am able to award high school credits for both PHAA and ECHSDA." (added 4/10, updated 6/11, updated 5/2018; listed in 412 & 724 area codes)
Elizabeth Moody,

Area Code 814

Elaine Chamberlin (E)
"I am a PA Certified Teacher (K-8) with 9 years teaching experience. I taught Kindergarten for nine years in the public school. When my son was born, I stayed at home to care for my son and two daughters that followed. I have homeschooled for 15 years. My oldest has graduated and is in college, and my girls are in high school. I enjoy meeting new families and helping where I can to make their educational path enjoyable and worthwhile." (added 6/08)
Elaine Chamberlin,, 814-328-2364

Matthew and Jennifer Guisler (E, S)
"We are both certified teachers who teach in the public school system in Pennsylvania. I graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 1997 with a degree in history/political science with a concentration in secondary education. I have a secondary teaching license in Tennessee and Pennsylvania. I currently am teaching 8th grade Social Studies. My wife is 2002 graduate of Shippensburg University with a degree in elementary education with a concentration in reading. She has an elementary teaching license and is currently employed as a Title I reading teacher at the elementary school level. We are able to evaluate students at all grade levels. We have experience working with homeschool evaluations." (added 2/07)
Matthew and Jennifer Guisler, 814-644-6873,

Natalie Livella (E, S, T)
"I am a PA certified teacher with 12 years teaching experience in public and private schools, along with 18 years experience in private tutoring. I have a masters degree in Secondary Education and my teaching background is in Secondary Mathematics. I have also been homeschooling my three children for the past 9 years. Additionally, I offer the Peabody Test for standardized testing. I thoroughly enjoy helping homeschooling families in their endeavor to educate their children at home. I live in the Johnstown area and am willing to travel." (added 5/07)
Natalie Livella,, 814-479-2634

Lynne Shaffer (E, S) 
"I am no longer taking on new families." (updated 6/12)
Lynne Shaffer,

Nina M. Tedeschi, M.M., B.S., S.S.C. (E, S, T)
"I am an qualified educator with over 30 years of teaching experience. I have experience as a PA certified teacher in the PA Public Schools as a Substitute teacher in the areas of K-12 teaching music, english, history, french, reading, and art. I have served as an interim music teacher and substitute teacher for a private Catholic high school. Most recently I have been the Director of Music (vocal and instrumental) at a private Catholic high school teaching Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Band, Chorus, and Computer Keyboarding. I am a member of PMEA and MENC along with the National Catholic School Teachers Association. In addition, I am a Student Support Counselor with two years experience in foreign exchange studies. My experience also involves over 40 years as a church pianist/organist, choral director, and accompanist. I have over 30 years studio teaching experience in piano, voice, guitar, violin, and clarinet. In addition to holding a Masters degree in Music (pedagogy/performance) I have my Bachelors degree in Music along with a Minor in Art. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in counseling. I have done research in the psychology of music teaching and continue to be involved in studies within that area. I am both a freelance performer,composer/arranger, and freelance artist. I have been involved in Home Education since 1995, teaching both of my daughters from pre-school through grade 12. Since their graduations I have continued to be involved in homeschooling as a consultant and evaluator. I am familiar with and supportive of a variety of teaching styles as well as keeping informed and updated with the PA homeschool guidelines and laws. I provide an interview, written report, and letter of certification upon completion of each evaluation. Additional forms, information, standardized testing, and consultation services are available upon request. My evaluation services are available in all area codes as I am willing to travel (rate charts available upon request.) Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to schedule an appointment by phone or email." (added 07/09)
Nina M. Tedeschi, M.M., B.S., S.S.C,, 814-941-6242

Kelly Albertson ( E, S, T)
"I am a PA Certified Homeschool Evaluator and Test Administrator. I taught elementary school for 4 years and then moved on to middle school for 6 years. My 3 grandchildren are PA homeschoolers which is what brought me to doing homeschool evaluations. I can evaluate grades K-12. This is my 6th year of being a PA homechool evaluator. Education is the foundation to a good future. Contact me at I am in the 814 area code but travel statewide helping homeschooling families.My number is 814-359-8657. Feel free to contact me anytime to schedule an apt." (added 4/10)
Kelly Albertson, 814-359-8657,

Dawn Anderson (E, S (with prior approval))
"I am a Pennsylvania Certified teacher K – 6 with an English certification for 7-12. I have been teaching elementary school for over five years. My B.S. is from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, in elementary education and my master's degree is from Pennsylvania State University in curriculum and instruction with a focus in children's literature. I was home schooled during my high school career as well. I would love to talk to you before evaluation, and I have a list of needed information for the evaluation that I can send to you." (added 8/11) (717) 395-5229

Robert J. Lamkin, Jr. (E, S, T)
"I am a professional educator residing in Somerset County who homeschools our children along with my wife. I have been serving the homeschool community since 2006 as a home education evaluator for grades K-12 and provider of Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. The fee charged for evaluations is $30 for elementary students and $40 for high school students. Homeschool families can expect to receive a short-form evaluation to take with them at the time of the evaluation for submission to the school district. As a professional educator since 1995, I have experience teaching in public schools and Christian schools, teaching on-line courses, and teaching at the college level. The courses I currently teach at the college level often include homeschooled high-school students who are successfully taking courses alongside of traditional college students. I am open to traditional and non-traditional forms of education, so long as learning is taking place. I am happy to answer questions and offer suggestions to address any issues a homeschool family is experiencing. If you would like to schedule an evaluation or have further questions about the evaluation process, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do provide evaluation services up to June 30 of each school year." (added 9/11)
Robert J. Lamkin, Jr., Hollsopple, PA,, 814-288-5785

Amy Forcellini (E, S)
"I am a PA certified teacher. I have my bachelor’s degree in English Education 7-12; I have my master’s degree in Literacy and I am certified as a Reading Specialist K-12, and finally I have an ESL certification K-12. I worked five years at the high school level and this is my fourth year in the elementary school. I am currently teaching as a reading specialist and working my first year as an ESL teacher for a wonderful first grader from Mexico. I have friends that home school, and I do see the benefits in home schooling. I am willing to evaluate and serve families in the Somerset, Cambria and Blair Counties." (added 9/11)
Amy Forcellini, (814)241-6356,

Kristy Wall - E, S, T
"I am a PA certified teacher. I have taught all grades of elementary except Kindergarten during my 16 years of experience in public schools, so I am very familiar with academic goals at each level. I have worked with a wide spectrum of children from the extremely gifted to those in need of a great deal of academic support. I also have experience teaching children with autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and ODD. I believe that every child is a unique, wonderful person who has many special talents to discover and strengthen. Homeschooling offers children the opportunity to have their learning tailored to their own personal interests. I am thankful that l will be able to homeschool my son next school year. I live in Hollidaysburg and am willing to travel up to one hour to meet with families. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to set up an evaluation. In addition to evaluations, I provide tutoring services."
Kristy Wall, 814-505-8195,

Wendy Girard - E, S, Special Ed Pre-Approval, T
"I have PA teaching certificates in Early Childhood Education, Special Education (k-12), and Reading Specialist (k-12).  I have taught in PA and MD for a total of 9 years.  I have two young children, which I homeschool, and look forward to assisting you on your homeschool journey through evaluations and/or testing.  I am willing to do evaluations or testing in Cambria and surrounding counties.  Please contact me for more information." "Update: As of February 2018, I am no longer taking new families for evaluations.  However, I will complete objective approvals for special needs."
Wendy Girard, 814-736-8580,

Other Areas

Wendy Bush (E, S)
"I am qualified to evaluate both elementary and secondary grades and have been involved in home schooling since the early 1980s as a parent and home school advocate. As an evaluator, I see my role as the family's consultant and advocate, not their judge. I support all learning methods from A Beka to Unschooling, and am able to help families navigate the homeschool law and go to bat for them when districts impose unauthorized requirements. I also help families with high school, college admissions and financial aid, career exploration, and military enlistment, including doing transcripts and letters of recommendation, and offering non-state accredited diplomas. It is my goal to bring encouragement to weary home school moms by lightening their load, giving them needed affirmation, and helping them think 'outside the box'. I also do distance evaluations for families who cannot meet with me in person. These are conducted by mail and telephone.
You can get more information about evaluations on my website at:
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an evaluation in your area or by distance.”

See the web site above for current contact info.

Robin C. Rice, (E, S, T, SPEC)
"I am a Certified Reading Specialist K-12 with an Ed.S. and M.A.T. degree. I am a homeschooling mom of three for 12 years. I evaluate elementary, secondary and special education students. I also have expertise in holistic learning and multiple intelligences. I advocate for homeschooling families being in compliance with home education statues and laws and being made aware of all supportive resources for that benefit." (added 9/11)
Robin Rice,

Other Places to Look for Evaluators

The best way to find an evaluator is often word-of-mouth -- ask local homeschooling friends and support group folks for recommendations in your area.

Remember that anyone who meets the qualifications can do evaluations (except the home education supervisor or their spouse); you may have a friend or neighbor who can provide your child's written evaluation. is the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA)'s statewide list. is the Harmony Home Educators’ list, covering NE PA. lists one evaluator in Carlisle (717 area code). from the PMBFC Homeschool Support Group, lists several evaluators in the 570 area code.